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What is PROF.LV

  • PROF.LV a building materials web store - warehouse;
  • PROF.LV core business is the construction material wholesale and retail trade;
  • PROF.LV represent more than 100 different construction material brands and more than 10000 products.


  • Save on building materials - our prices are cheaper than in building materials stores in Latvia;
  • Save your time - Time is Money, shop remotely - by phone or make an order on the Internet;
  • A Clever purchases - schedule, save, evaluate, compare, calculate, talk, - To build smart you need only telephone or internet.
  • Client manager - professional consultants will help you name the price, availability of materials and advise;
  • Delivery facility - the supply can be ordered by phone or online.


PROF.LV customers: All who builds or repairs (individuals and legal entities)

PROF.LV slogan: Build Smarter - Buy Cheaper!


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